PI Program modem interface instruction

Command Command description Controller response Default
(N/A - not available)
(N/A - not available)
xPI Program the modem interface instruction See example N/A Yes
SYNTAX    xPI, where x - controller (axis) number.
DESCRIPTION: This command programs single instruction (range 0...24) for controller - external modem communication. SP1 controller sends terminal directives to the computer. User should follow them. If next instruction number inside previous instruction is set to 25 or more, then controller exits modem initiation procedure, makes 2-second delay and switches into default mode.
Note: Get into service mode before using this command. Instruction context depends on modem to be used.  The instruction parameters are immediately saved into nonvolatile flash memory.

Programming modem interface
Enter Instruction number (0...24):   0
Enter time delay value (0...255,  1 = 0.5 second) before the instruction is performed:   1
0 - go directly to the next instruction
1 - send a string and wait for a response string
2 - wait for modem hardware Ring signal
Enter command value (0...2):   1
Enter send string terminating character (0...1) 0 = <CR>, 1 = <LF>:   0
Enter string to be sent to modem (till 10 characters), or <ENTER>, if there is nothing to send:   ATZ
Enter expected response string (till 10 characters), or <ENTER>, if no response is required:   OK
Enter next instruction value (n = 0...24,  (n > 24 = EXIT)) in case,
if modem response = expected response, or modem Ring signal is detected:   1
Enter next instruction value (n = 0...24,  n > 24 == EXIT), in case of time-out:   0
Enter time-out value (0...255). 1 = 0.5 second:   14
Finished. Repeat the command to program the next instruction

RETURNS communication directives.
EXAMPLES: 5 PI  ||  3pi  || 23 Pi