SH Search home (origin) position  

Command Command description Controller response Default
(N/A - not available)
(N/A - not available)
xSHy Search home (origin) position. y sign sets search direction and value - maximum search range (distance in micro steps steps). Micro step = 1/8 of motor step. Home (origin) switch must be connected to the controller. Motion is disabled if Error bit is set. Clear Error bit by ER command - Yes N/A

SYNTAX    xSHy, where x controller (axis) number.
PARAMETER y [number] sets maximum number of micro steps to be moved. 1 micro step = 1/8 of motor step. The sign sets the direction of motion.
Range     -2000000000...2000000000.
DESCRIPTION: This command initiates the relative motion. When command is received, the controller checks current Home switch level. Then selected axis x will move, with the predefined acceleration and velocity, to a relative position y micro steps away from the current position. The motion is interrupted and stopped immediately, if hardware home switch rises from low to high level or reverse. The home switch position is sensitive from both sides.
Note: The command is disabled in service mode. In default mode, the motor motion stops, if hardware limit switch is connected short (it can be disabled/enabled by RL, LL commands). The last case can be tested with x? command, which returns -1. All motion commands remain disabled until error code is read by ER command.
EXAMPLES: 5SH-200000 ||  100 sH -78000  || 431 sh 4000