ST Synchronous start or stop  

Command Command description Controller response Default
(N/A - not available)
(N/A - not available)
xSTy Synchronous start or stop. Controller address x = 0 affects all axes (controllers), where y = 1 - start, 0 - stop. Steps and sign are preset by SS command. When command is executed, the controller resets steps to zero, which was set by SS command. Motion is disabled if Error bit is set. Then clear error bit by ER command - Yes N/A

SYNTAX    xSTy, where x - controller (axis) number.
Note: axis number must be zero (0) to move all axes synchronously. If axis number is nonzero, only the correspondent controller initiates motion.
PARAMETER y: 1 = start motion, 0 = stop motion.
Range: 0 or 1.
DESCRIPTION: It is a synchronous motion command. This command initiates relative motion. When command is received, the selected axis x will move, with the predefined acceleration and velocity, to a relative position away from the current position. Axis number must be zero (0) to move all axes synchronously. Zero controller (axis) address enables all controllers on the chain to perform motion command. Number of micro steps must be predefined by xSS command for each controller. After motion is finished, every controller resets to zero the predefined number of micro steps. Command xST0 stops x axis motion, which was initiated by previous motion command. Command 0ST0 stops motion off all axes. Command 0ST1 starts motion of all axes.

The synchronous motion of stepper motors can be initiated by single 0ST1 command.
Note: The command is disabled in service mode. In default mode, the motor motion stops, if hardware limit switch is connected short (it can be disabled/enabled by RL, LL commands). Error case can be tested with x? command, which returns -1. Then all motion commands remain disabled until error code is read by ER command.
EXAMPLES: 0ST 0      ||   1st 1  ||   431 St 1  ||   0 St 1