TR Set Trace bit

Command Command description Controller response Default
(N/A - not available)
(N/A - not available)
xTRy This is debugging command to test operation of the modem preprogrammed instruction set. y = 1 set trace option. y = 0 no tracing. For standard SP1 operation the trace bit must be cleared Returns one of strings:
Trace mode is set or
Default operation, or Flash memory is bad or absent
N/A Yes
SYNTAX  xTRy, where x - controller (axis) number.
PARAMETER y = 1 set trace bit, y = 0 no tracing.
Range  0, 1.
DESCRIPTION: This command sets the trace bit. It is used to debug the modem initialization instructions. If the bit is set, the controller does not automatically detect the modem, but exhibits the same behavior, as in case of the modem connection to the controller. The computer can see how the preprogrammed instructions work. Host computer can also simulate the modem response.

Computer - controller configuration in trace modem interface regime
Note: make long time-outs in the preprogrammed instructions to have enough time to type strings and respond as the modem.
RETURNS  none.
EXAMPLES: 5 TR 1 ||   3tr0   || 23 tR1