Aerodynamics of Boomerangs. Chapter 7

by Saulius Pakalnis

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Notes for the people who like extreme sports
1. Big boomerangs throwing is an extreme sport. First learn throwing technique. The experience with light boomerangs and good knowledge of typical boomerangs flight trajectories will be very helpful to avoid a contact with heavy boomerang.
2. Keep away all bystanders at safe distance from you.
3. The best advice is - never catch a big and heavy boomerang (more 0.1 kg). Observe its flight all time. Let it land free. Do not panic if big boomerang is approaching to you. Do not move in advance as, while running, it is very difficult to observe the boomerangs flight. Just stand by, until you are sure that it is moving exactly toward to you. Then run very fast 3-5 meters in direction which is perpendicular to the direction of approaching boomerang. Do not miss seeing it all time.
4. A helmet is recommended. The responsibility and risk is yours.

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The AEB is the Spanish boomerang association, working in that area some years ago, organize tournments in Spain as International federation of boomerang association members.

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