Returning small "Batmans boomerang" - possibly boomerang for children. Designed in Lithuania. International patent (WO/2007/029993 BOOMERANG FOR SPORT).

It is small light (0.1 kg weight, longest blade radius is 23 cm) boomerang, which has extra advantages, compared it with traditional boomerang:

1. Increased stability. It has shot radial blades. Tensions due to temperature gradients or mechanical forces cannot bend them enough to change flight pattern. The flight pattern is determined by shape of stabilizers, which can be made very precisely. The boomerangs tips (stabilizers) extra mass makes the boomerang almost ideal gyroscope. The flight path is almost constant - Batmans boomerang is quite insensitive to wind perturbations.
2. It is quite tricky to catch traditional boomerang, as it has "hollow" mass center. Batmans boomerang mass center is real. You can always see it. Even child can catch it without striking his fingers against a spinning blade.
3. Due to stabilizers on it (the extra weight of tips), the light Batmans boomerang covers long loop trajectory (radius about 20 meters). It is interesting to observe the flight.
4. If you accidentally throw it too low, it rotates on ground like a wheel and slowly stops without breaking.
5. The boomerang is stable enough to be made from flexible plastic material without loosing its aerodynamics features. It is good for industrial production as a toy.
6. It has comfortable handle and nice design. Every boy would like to get "Batmans boomerang" as a gift.

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